Fish Finders

LCD Depth Display: The wireless fish finder can detect and display water depth, rocks, short & tall weeds and bottom contour. It also displays approximate fishes location. You can freely choose water depth measurement unit either in meter or in feet. Fish alarm setting will alert you when schools of fish appear.

Fish finders use sonar on a smaller scale, sending sound waves directly below the boat in a cone shape, which bounce back and give you information on objects below the surface.

Fish Finders are cheaper and generally smaller and more easily portable compared to sonar devices. They still provide practical knowledge for finding fish, and if you’re not after big game fish or anything specific, just trying to have a good time and come home with a good catch, they are absolutely fine for that. They also have a wide variety of types, and options that you can get added on to the basic fish finding capability, and more apps have been created for them as they have been around longer than the sonar type devices. The main types you can choose from are:

·       Standalone: Basic fish finder simply for looking below you under water.

·       Combination: Fish finder with an added chart plotter GPS navigation function.

·       Networked System: This is similar to how you can buy car GPS devices that are networked into a system with data from a wide range of sources being fed into your device from elsewhere. You receive up to date information from experts and there is generally more features and more detailed information being received that can help you have a successful fishing trip. These are often connected to WIFI or Bluetooth and can be controlled through your phone if you choose to, which can be quite convenient if you have attached it to your boat in a harder to see or reach area, or you want someone else to navigate and give directions from their seat beside you.